• Cristina Elizabeth

Why don't you dance?

Updated: Feb 27

I had been having a really hard time coming to prayer, feeling close to God, and no matter how hard I tried no prayers seemed to help. In those moments I often remember St. Teresa of Avila and her emphasis on mental prayer. That typically works when I can't say verbal prayers, but this time, mental prayer was not working either. I had to get out of my mind and remaining silent only gave space for my thoughts to scream. There was then a moment where I remembered that I used to like dance, years before my depression hit. (I was a Mexican Folk Dancer and a salsa dancer as a child, adolescent, and early adulthood). In this moment of frustration and desperateness I just started to move in my room. I played a soft melodic tune and just moved. If I could not dance yet, I would move. And for those couple of minutes I felt connected. What do you do to feel connected to God, to your Self?

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