• Cristina Elizabeth

Useful Fear

Updated: Feb 28

We live in fear. We also live in denial about this fear. As individuals, as communities, and as a nation.

We’re afraid to stand up for what is just. Afraid to set boundaries, afraid to grow, afraid to learn about who we really are because than we have to present ourselves as we truly are if we are to give life an honest chance.

We think we’re doing what we need to be doing, but we’re so far from it. We’re blinded by our own greed, our hidden agendas, our lack of esteem for ourselves and for each other. When, when will we wake up? We cannot move forward without opening at least one eye.

We protect and worry about the things that are unimportant.

The funny part is that this denial freezes us. We point the fingers at others, and blame people for our fears, for our mediocre lives, for the fact that we can’t move forward as if they are the problem. But we all make mistakes, we all hurt, we all try and fail.

It’s so ironic that we are afraid to look at our past, but also afraid to step into the future. But after this, what’s left? A depressing present.

The saddest thing of all is that fear is the hugest obstacle to loving. But once you face this fear, I dare you to love, to love hard. It doesn’t even matter if others understand or know that you are loving, you’ll just know that you are. Love is a quiet action, not a loud Word.

So how do you get out of fear? You take a wild look at that feeling in your gut that manifests as fear. Stop looking at others, stop pointing fingers, take one wild look inside your soul, and you will realizee that whatever you need to overcome fear is there. The soul, which lives beyond your mind, emotional body, and even your spirit, contains everything you need for everything you will go through in this life.

The opposite of fear is Freedom. Find it, look for it everywhere. Find it in silence and in noise, in joy and in pain, in life and in death. And never lose it.

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