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There's a playground in your Soul

Updated: Feb 28

I was teaching Catechism to a group of kids. I'd been thinking about them a lot and how to give them a heads up at the time of their First Communion of what a journey with God might look like. How does one explain the twists and turns, the falls and setbacks, the joys and sorrows of life that they will begin to embark upon as they enter the different stages of their lives. Then I got an image of a playground. And this notion that their walk with God is just that, an adventure in a playground.

Sometimes they will swing high and other times fall to the ground. Sometimes they will help a friend on a swing go higher, other times they will be elevated. Yet other times they may push and hurt people to the ground intentionally or not, and they will also be pushed.

But then I got to thinking, that although we age every year, our souls never do. The deepest part of them, remains in tact all of our lives. It remains connected. And if this is the case we too are in a never ending playground. Whether we are experiencing a high or low in our life, it doesn't really matter because God is there. He is the ground that holds us up when we fly, and the ground that catches us when we fall.

I don't know if this is a high or a low in your life, a good or a bad day. What I do know is that God is there so play with Him and be not afraid. As in a playground, sometimes it will be fun, other times it will hurt, but don't forget you're still in aplayground. His playground. And you are his most precious subject.

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