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Nothing to do, but much to see!

Updated: Feb 28

I woke up this morning with nothing to do. I walked to the store did some grocery shopping and walked back home. My sister invited me to go over her house but it was too early in the morning for me to be out in the world, plus I knew I would see her later on. You see, I am experimenting for one year on how it is to live with little: no car, no spending, and no computer. That limits my many distractions. My initial thought was to catch an Uber to my sisters, or to go to Barnes and noble and buy a novel (I love to read). But then I realized that I would be spending money even if it was on something good. The reason I am doing this is because I want to grow closer to God and I could see this morning just how He was working. When I decided that I was just to sit on my couch for a little and think about this one year commitment I remembered that I had my phone, that it took pictures, and that I loved taking pictures. I walked out to my backyard and this is what I found... a St. Francis statue, with a beautiful cross I hadn’t noticed in the many years I’ve lived in this house. The cross said believe. I was reminded that when we allow ourselves to stop being distracted by other things we allow ourselves to be distracted by what truly mattters, God. Here was the statue of a saint who had been in this house for 30+ years. It had seen many fights, many parties, many stages of our lives, many people, many pets. And on this early rainy morning it seemed as beautiful and tranquil as ever, broken but beautiful. It reminded me of God. Steadfast as ever. Yet if we don’t give ourselves permission to stop for a moment we would never see Him there. When we have nothing to do, there is much to see!

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