• Cristina Elizabeth

My relationship with food points to my relationship with God.

Updated: Feb 27

I am not one to think that health is the most important thing. I do think its important, but not the most important thing. I like to think that the soul is. That most profound part of our heart that guides us to who we are truly supposed to be. The reason I bring health up is because when something is off in my soul, I typically find myself reaching out to food: when I am bored, when I feel anxious, when I am restless, when I feel lost, scared, you name it....almost anything makes me go to food in a way that other might go to drugs, alcohol, sex, or any other addictions. I find myself in a place where I've gained many, many pounds and I have to be careful here because I don't want to fall into the trap of loosing weight just to look a certain way. While that is a part of my goal, I need to remember that if the soul is the most important thing, this journey has to be a journey towards God, not towards my body. St Hildegard of Bingen understood this well. She was a Benedictine abbess, a nutritionist and an herbalist in 12th century Germany. Her goal was not peak performance or a specific body image, her goal was a connection with God through what she ate and where that came from. It was a goal towards creation and the Creator. God, I pray that you can give me this perspective and that in the process I don't judge myself for how I look and not let others judge me for my body image as well. This is when I realize, that my relationship with food is an invitation to check my relationship with God.

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