• Cristina Elizabeth

For Life, For Purpose, For Healing

Updated: Feb 28

Standing for life, from conception to natural death is only the beginning. Being for life means being for all of it. If we are for life but ignore the homeless, immigrants, the addicted, the disabled, the hurting rich, middle class, and poor alike, the mentally ill, or prisoners right beside us we are only pretending. Being for life means being for humans but also for the environment and our planet. It excludes nothing. Defending a baby is just the beginning. Some of the kids that aren't aborted are walking around right now as hurting adolescents and adults, are we ignoring them? If we are for life, we are for everyone. We can't just be for a cause and stand beside comfortable others; that is important but it is also easy. The challenge is living for others from conception to death. To end abortion we must change hearts. A heart connected to love and truth knows what to do, a heart full of pain runs. Every human heart knows deep inside what is right and wrong-that is not the issue. The question we must ask ourselves is why these decisions are being made and start with love. We must change hearts…but to do that we must allow our hearts to be changed first.

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