Old Tap Shoes

Tu Bailarina

Toca Espiritu Santo

Que quiero bailar tu son

quiero dar esos pasos

que alegren mi corazón

Eleva mis manos tan altas,

tan altas que pueda volar

Estira mi cuerpo y mi alma

que tu gloria yo pueda alcanzar.

Mueve mi falda por dentro

y que ese aire cubra mi ser

quiero bailar contigo (un son)

hasta que llegue el atardecer.

Quiero volar tan alta

Como una águila arriba del mar

Respira tu aire en mi Senor

que nada me pueda parar.

Respira en mi Espiritu Santo

Como un abanico de Veracruz

Y quitame esas pestanas

Para poder ver tu luz.

Visteme de colores

radiantes, brillantes, y sol

Adorname con una sonrisa

Que salga de mi corazón.

Quiero sonar mis tacones

Con una fuerza que no viene de mi

Quiero bailar esos sones

Solamente compuestos por ti.

Woman in Field

A Dance of Stillness

Show me the dance of stillness

That dance that is hardest of all

A dance that requires no movement

But moves the soul to its highest call

Lead me to dance in one place

To surrender to your melody

Teach me oh spirit of Christ

To dance quietly and to be.

Woman Looking Out the Window

Soul Tattoo

Whether I've known you my entire life,

or just one second,

the moment I meet your eyes,

I see your soul.

Rapidly it makes its way into mine (soul)

and permanently imprints itself like a tattoo.

I feel your pain,

but also see your beauty.

A beauty that is hidden to you.

Then I have no need to keep you in prayer

because you've become a part of me.

And I don't want to pray,

I want to become it.

Hilltop Castle


You have Beauty inside you

Locked away but it is there

In the deepest place within you

Which to nothing can ever compare

Why worry about your appearance

Whom to others will never appease

Instead focus on building that (spiritual) castle

Which eventually you'll put at His feet.


Your Glorious Heart

Oh Father God,

How beautiful it is to be alone with you

Hidden in the cave of your heart.

How glorious it is to have found the Truth

Learning to begin from the start.

Everyday that passes I begin anew

Knowing you will always be there.

Help me to remain in your heart, Oh Lord

And my life with you be willing to share.

Woman in Hoodie


Teach me how to suffer

That I may not desire comfort

But truth

That I may not relish in content

But strive for prudence

That my heart won’t be lukewarm

But instead steadfast

Teach me how to love

That I may not yearn for admiration

But to serve

Teach me how to follow you

That I may not be deceived by the mobs But trust in You

Give me everything I need Lord

That I may not yearn for my wants But be satisfied in you.

Above the Clouds


Jesus, My love
How I adore you
I carry you within me everywhere I go
Sometimes the world stops moving
And all I can feel is your pulse
Stay within me that I may stay within you
Shine your radiance on my face
That I may shine your glory on others
Breathe your love around me
That I may breathe nothing but you
Envelope me in your silence
That I may remain hidden for the rest of my days.
I want nothing Jesus, but you
I feel that nothing separates us
I want to remain here
Let every moment be eternal
That I may discover your treasure, heaven
On this earth.


Unrequited Love

I look for you everywhere I am 

I see you, in every person, in every car

I think of the long lost memories

And then night comes crashing down

And I am tormented by the reality 

That it is all just an illusion 

And I am in it by myself

You are nowhere to be found

Only in what was

You are nowhere to be seen

Only by her, the one you love

You are everywhere, and yet I am nowhere

I long for your love, 

Even for just one glare

But you are looking elsewhere

You are looking to her

I live in my fantasy for a second

It allows me to keep on existing 

But then I fall from that cloud

Only to feel harder the abandonment…

Of your love

You once said you loved me

But it left like the wind. 

I chase it to find it

But it no longer exists.