"Porque te desesperas? Que no confias en mi? Yo se lo que hago. En realidad no importa que tu veas el camino. Importa mi plan. Yo quiero el bien no solo para tu familia, pero para el mundo. Y eso es muy grande para que tu lo concibas". - Jesus



We are the 99 lost sheep. It is no longer 1, but 99. 

We have come to a time where the entire human being must awaken if religion is to survive and grow. 

It sounds absurd to a world that is focused on blindly moving forward. But this is the way of Christ: what seems like a failure to others, and many times to ourselves, might be exactly what we need to move forward in faith and trust.

In this grand silence

I see your face

People lead me astray

But silence does not lie

In it I discover your whispers

In it I devour your love

Sadness is a part of life. As long as suffering, death, and loss exist.
Don't chase it, but when it comes embrace it.
Don't force it, but when it shows up, befriend it.
Don't let those who are afraid to feel, deter you from being fully human.

If we tried to live in eternity,
we wouldn't be in such a rush to go anywhere.

I have a million reasons not to believe in the Church. I have seen, I have heard, I have experienced, But something tells me that the heartbeat of Christ is beneath it all.

Find freedom in joy and in suffering, in life and in death, in silence and in noise. Trust, let go, and know that everything is going to be ok.

The one thing we all seek but cannot attain in books, materials, accomplishments, or titles is Love. 

Catholicism is a verb that enlivens the human soul. For me, it went from feeling like a crutch to being the greatest stepping stone of all.

When you discover that the beating heart of the Church is the love of Christ, you realize that there is room for nothing else but Love. 

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