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I  needed a space. A space to write. To write about the challenges that we all go through: illness, setback, depression, etc. At the same time, I wanted a space where I could remind myself and others that even in our driest, darkest moments, we can find different ways to connect to God.

I am Cristina, I have a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, a combination of Spirituality and Psychology, from John F. Kennedy University. I've always been fascinated with the intersection of both fields. In particular with how our minds, bodies, and souls, our whole self, can come together to create a lasting relationship with God. God was, is, and will always be there in our lives. I love walking with people to remind them of this fact, and to listen to their stories because sometimes that is all that is needed for transformation to occur. 

I'd love to be your companion and accompany you on your journey. Please contact me if you need someone who can listen, reflect, and journey with you. Sessions are remote sessions and services are donation based. Please write to me for more information and don't forget to subscribe below to stay up to date with my latest blog posts. 


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