About This Space

I  needed a space. A space to write. To write about the challenges that we all go through: illness, setbacks, diagnosis, loss, and so on. At the same time, I needed a space where I could remind myself and others that even in our driest, darkest moments, God is there. 


I am Cristina, I have a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, a combination of Spirituality and Psychology. I had always been fascinated with the intersection of both. However, 10 years ago, 2012, my fascination went from spiritual to mystical, from the universe to a return to Christ.  I was brought back to the Catholic Church by a series of events and people. And ever since then I have been on an ongoing journey to discover how our mind, body, soul and spirit (our whole selves) can come together to create a lasting relationship with God. God was, is, and always will be. I write to remember this truth and to remind others of it.  




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